The longing has never been quite like this

When the date is set

The closer it gets, the longer it is felt

How is it like after?

Oh, life is always about a new longing


The path’s finally crossed, meeting the two

It’s coming out of nowhere, from the sphere

Like a strike of lightning, it’s burning


The soul’s eventually set, resting the traveler

It’s telling story, from days of sorry and glory

Like a strain of lullaby, hush the crying baby


I fall.

Love is blind?

No. Who said it needs eyes?

The Clouds Speaks My Heart

Today, it is coming again

The colony of clouds, lining up in cluster, bringing tons of evaporated water

Getting thicker every day, staying up there in sway

Only time could tell, when those been longing would fall

Marching its droplets in thousands sparkling sprinkle

Dripping deep downward

To beautified again, this dried dusty soil

2014-02-17 21.38.52

In the midst of crowd

Of people walking fast, talking fast, eating fast, writing fast, thinking fast, deciding fast

This soul is dying to grasp the time

Holding it dear so it won’t goes fast


Laughed by the betrayed freedom

Anchored to a void

This soul is freezed

Searching for a warmth of smiles

But all felt cold


Further I run,

I hear louder scream

I fight stronger pull

Of dream I thought so dull


Yet something over there

Uncertain, unimagined

Yelling to hold on

As the timing will never miss

This is all designed, by the Most Knowledgable, the Most Merciful

Life has let you to pick
Among the many options
You  may see it sometimes plays you a trick
Confront you with questions
Ask not to have them answered in quick
As in dwelling in the questions
You’ll always be bond, with the voice from beyond

The Attached World

When I see a tree

I see me reading

I feel like climbing

I recall photosynthesis

I remember tree kiss

I imagine a giant dancer

I face fairy’s mother


When I sip my coffee

I remember nights writing

I long for the casual fling

I see book I drop staint on

I feel the weight I carry on


When I hear Beatles’

I feel like running

I recall time I first learned English

I remember my shaky English

I imagine Ringo’s big nose

I face a door closed


Could a tree be merely a tree? Could a cup of coffee taste only on our taste sensory? Could a band song show not their story?


We’re aging, collecting memory, accumulating experience, shaping the lens through which we view our entire time span, crafting perception.


We pass the road, hear a song, read phrases.  carrying weight of story!

We watch movie, play a game, write letters. How deadful it would be, drown deep in memory!


I keep walking,  rewrite, replay; to have them all redefined, new lens shaped, the old gradually dissolved throughout the  passing time.

Kurang Lebih Cukup

Apa yang saya khawatirkan dari mendapatkan lebih adalah ketidaksiapan


Saya tidak siap ketika harus  mendapatkan kurang

Karena roda hidup yang terus berputar


Saya tidak siap ketika harus merasakan kurang

Karena perubahan standar


Padahal kurang sekarang adalah cukup dahulu

Lalu, apakah cukup sekarang akan menjadi kurang kemudian?


Yang saya khawatirkan dari mendapatkan lebih adalah ketidaksyukuran


Ah Tuhan,

Mampukan hamba menggenggam selamanya kesyukuran

Agar cukup menjadi selamanya cukup

By God’s Design

People left a footprint, on each path they walk

People made a paint, on each heart they visit


By God’s design we met

Path crossing each other, to lead and to follow

By God’s design we leave

Creating one step and another, to embrace tomorrow


I ain’t afraid of meeting and leaving

As your footprint will be always remained,

mark my path with guidance

As your color will be always lingered,

warm my heart with assurance

That every meet and leave, is indeed, by God’s design


Eye through which I see, is rosy.

Letting portraits of the past as future eternity.

Euphoria! As people said. Let it be euphoria! As I said.

Awakening the sleeping soul. Reviving the broken vow. Arousing pieces of hopes.

No matter how high the bird flies, I have got my wings fixed.

No matter how deep the walrus sinks, I have got my flipper ready.

Zero is a point. Zero means beginning. Zero means ending.

And we take the lead, to begin or to end?

(September 26th, 2013)


Like the sky, always there but untouched

Like the air, always there but unseen

Like the heart, always beat but unheard

Like the love, always there but unspoken