Why are you writing?

In the contrary of my desire to do something just for the sake of joy, I could not resist the temptation to set a goal, to weigh the good and bad and the use of any action.

I know I should start writing, even make it as my routine. I love the figure of a writer, on the seat facing window of blue sky, with the wooden floor covered by books, papers, sketch and coloring pencils. I could read anything, from the fancy magazine to the ingredients on a shampoo bottle; from engineering book of heat transfer to kids’ fairy tale. I love reading and I read many, that sometimes I think it’s too many I could barely remember anything. Ok, this is one reason.

I’ve been asked quite often, “Why are you so quiet?” My tongue is tightened as my mind left it far behind. I could not catch the speed and unpredictability of where it’s been wandered. I often caught myself being confused of how far my mind could jump from its former point. Sometimes I even miss the precious places it had been traveled, lost the track and then feel a great loss. So, this is another reason.

And of course, because writing brings joy!


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