Hello D!

You asked me to write every time I fail to fall asleep and lost deep in my mind. But you know, since you’re there, there’s no way I can write. Talking to you is what I prefer. And by doing so, I have expressed all idea and thought, and released all the tension caused by it. So I find no need to do it in another way.

You’re now becoming my addiction, and it is very strange. Don’t you think what happened between us is kind of suspicious? Like a stranger coming without any notice then offering every good thing in life, and we still can’t believe he’s doing it without asking anything in return. This is just too good. You know, every time I wake up in the morning, I am always surprised, just by thinking you’re really there.

How could this happened? And why? Why now? Why not a year ago or next year? I can see my days now will be about to find the answer of those.

The whole 4 years being in the same place, studying the exact same thing, having the same friends – yet nothing happened. When it is about people, I will surely remember: the face, the way they talk, the jacket they like to wear, their voice, place they usually hang around, the circle of friend they are in, or even their smell. As every individual is very particular, there is always something I will remember about a person I met.

But when I’m trying to figure out where were you, it’s like a sudden black out. All data from the stored memory is cut out, no single scene appear to light my way. When it is about you, I am left in a dark room. No clue. Not even a blur image of how you’re look like, the way you stand, the way you comb your hair, was it a sling bag or a backpack that you use? Oh, have we even met before?

Then how come just in half day everything’s changed? What did you do? Was it when you helped me with the route? Or when you offered me some snack? It mustn’t be your choice of songs, your song was odd.

Can’t tell exactly how and when. The only thing very clear is, since that day, I know my life is about to find its direction.


Nighty night.


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