Family Picture

One faculty that is well developed when we’re reaching the so called mature age is the ability to hide feelings. With me now spending more time with kids, I can say it’s very much easier to tell what they feel than what my grown-up friends feel. Kids laugh when they’re happy, cry when sad or embarrassed, frown when they’re angry or disagree, and scream when they’re excited. Their faces speak the truth, like having no filter to turn the emotion inside into the totally opposite expression, like us – adults – often do.

Just take a look at my family picture and see how it has changed from time to time. This is the first one we had.

20150217_131544 (2)So there, none of us was smiling. I still remember what happened. I had another fight with my brother. I must admit that I did trick him and teased him until he cried, just right before we’re taking the picture. I was totally not having that cutie pie look which could save me from mom’s anger. (I still believe the reason why mom was very much nicer to my little brother is not because he’s not an annoying kid as I was, but because he’s having that angel face, the kind of face you don’t have a heart to be angry at). Mom was very mad at me and it’s not easy to get my brother calm for the picture. So that’s the best shoot we could have. This picture speaks the truth. The frown on my face, the wet eyes on my brother, and of course the unhappy look on mom and dad.

This one is my friend’s. I don’t know what was happened there but I love the level of truth of this one. The wet stain on the vest plus the sleepy and totally-not-ready-for-shoot eyes, it’s just so hilarious. And look at that little girl on red. Maybe she was wondering, “Why the hell are people just standing and looking at that can’t-finish-counting guy?”

e98b450b817d7c5e8bd8e8af9856795bCourtesy of Dito

This is the second of ours, and this has included the youngest on my family. I’m not very sure why she put that duck face, maybe I teased her too. But here, we’ve learned how to put a little smile. Well, dad was still wearing that stiff military face. He’s in army so no wonder.

20150217_130543 (2)Time goes on, so does our experience on smiling. Mom calls this is perfect. We’re all looked happy and no more that after-crying face.

20150217_160030 (2)If you study math and look at this sequence of my family picture, you may conclude mature people are happier. But are we really? Or, are we just faking better?


One day, I’ll be tired to pretend
One day, I’ll just tell and sing
One day, I’ll see whether the truth is leading to an end
Or taking to a beginning

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