Simply Falling

I think I’m falling into this again. I know exactly how it feels. The rush of excitement, sudden big smile, easy laugh, inspiration to write, super energy to get up and make things done, extra attention, deeper thought, and without even looking I can tell that my eyes are brighter – bye bye sobbing eyes!

Growing up means we’re changing from being someone else’s suitcase into the owner of our own. The longer we live, the more experienced we are, the bigger suitcase we’ll carry. Sometimes we let people to see what’s inside, or it is easily seen from the outside, like carrying the transparent plastic bag. But most of the time, we don’t share. We keep things into secret pockets and hidden sacks, only to few very trusted people we let them opened.

See the analogy? Only things not so precious are kept in transparent plastic bag, they’re everybody’s knowledge, only trivia. Things we consider very valuable are locked very deep, and only to very valuable people we share the key.

So, back again to the feeling. I am having a crush, if it’s not falling in love. I can’t really tell the difference. But one very clear sign is this willingness to share what’s in my suitcase. And by saying “to share”, I mean I’m opened to any possibility, to let him see, comment or judge, even make a mess of it.

And looking through these rosy eyes, everything seems very simple. I’m falling because of very simple reason, the way it’s happened is also very simple. So, let’s see if this could simply rock!



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