A Way to Stay

I keep questioning what can keep me on writing, to have a pattern as a drill and be worriless of how it will turn out. As the master of procrastinating, it’s always easy for me to craft million reasons or things I will assume more important. Yes they’re sometimes indeed more important, yet the commitment is also one thing on my top priority. This. A commitment to write in more regular basis.

As I currently spend less time on reading, the internal source of motivation, who was always coming out of nowhere whispering urges to convey thought, has also been slowly disappeared.

And I miss it, badly. I need something which can bring me there again and again. At least for once in a week, sitting, giving time for this cheating soul to look back and reflect, for how long will roll on this play.

Now let me try this.

Weekend is something the Jak always longs for. After 5 very long days, the rest 2 is something we consider as treasure. And what makes the treasure becomes more valuable is a plan on how to spend it. Or, in other words, how we’d like to be paid after the 5 working like a dog days. At least, this is very true for me. I oblige a very rewarding 2 days off every week and that’s one thing which could save me through the 5.

So, here I am. The idea is to write those rewards. They might be very much unsophisticated as staying home and sleep all day, or, like the one I will have next week 😉

Some hints:

  1. A sharing tent
  2. The closest on Sangihe squad
  3. Forrest and hill

Until next weekend!!



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