SEMERU – Let’s Go!

I always have that kind of suspicion and anxiety when it comes to September. Not only because it’s approaching the day of my birthday (you know, when you’re getting older, birthday will seem just different), but also because many things I consider very important in my life, points where I turned, mostly happened in September. Now I wonder, if those boys in Green Day also experience the same feeling so they make that Wake Me Up When September End piece.

I remember one of the girl-talk I had with a friend when I was in uni. She said, “It seems like September is where you will embrace love”. I just laughed and thought how silly it was to have a special month for love. But when looking back at the 7 years passed, I must say she might be right.

September is when I started to understand the feeling of having a relationship, living under hormones effect, see everything in bright colors, the future is very promising and life offers the best of it. It happened not once, but three times. Three out of three, the flower starts to bloom on September.

As for September this year. The flower started to bloom again yet life didn’t let me to nourish the hope back. I was suffering in grief, the pain and sorrow piled up higher and higher every day I felt like carrying a mountain in my heart. It demanded all my attention I barely could see anything surround.

And I know I should throw the mountain away. And the best place to throw a mountain is exactly a mountain.

September 27 this year, the day I will never forget. The day I started getting my sight back, that I’m still having a friend, who would always happily welcoming even the weirdest idea, the one who always embrace those with the same excitement and accepting the challenge. Now I can really feel the old French saying that the sweetest happiness is the one that we share.

I asked her to come along with me to hit the highest volcano in Java island and without any hesitation or confronted me with any discouraging questions like “when, why, or how”, she gave me the most relieving answer, “Let’s go!”

As what simplicity always brings, those two words poured warmth into my heart. I realized that it is exactly what I long to hear. Those two words imply the sharing enthusiasm, understanding and a trust to do things together. “No matter what awaits ahead, I am as enthusiastic as you are, I understand how you feel and I believe we will have a great adventure and we will made it no matter how foolish and unprepared we are”. That was the lines I heard beyond the respond of “Let’s go!”

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